The artist

Ronald Marcel Garrigues (21 June 1930 – 12 June 2020) was an American sculptor, Asian and tribal art collector, and owner of a coffee brokerage firm in San Francisco. A self-taught artist influenced by Constantin Brancusi and Isamu Noguchi, he began sculpting in the late 1950’s on the farm of Charles Foster.<

For a loose protean collection of tropes and figures signifying ‘beauty’ functioned as the pathos that recommended the logos and ethos of visual argumentation to our attention
Art critic Dave Hickey

Climate change, animal extinction, and social inequity

Eventually working in bronze and casting in the lost wax process, he was one of the first fine artists to create work thematically focused on climate change, animal extinction, and social inequity.

Laurance Rockefeller, Joan Halifax and Bill Clinton

Ron was also an avid tribal and Himalayan art collector, along with friends John Gilmore Ford and Thomas Murray, amassed one of the largest collections of sacred ritual phallic objects in the world. His work is featured in The Museum of Modern Art, Los Angeles, the Crocker Art Museum and in the collections of Adam Hochschild (author of King Leopold’s Ghost), Laurance S. Rockefeller, Joan Halifax and privately owned by US President Bill Clinton.